Google Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing

The internet offers a lot of opportunities to earn. If you spend time browsing, you will surely land into one or more online jobs or businesses available. Though there are tons of them, you must be careful in choosing. Not all you will see are legit. Not all have promising earning. Not all will fit you. Note that it is better to land into one or two legit earning opportunities than land on different online jobs that will just give you false promises. You need to be educated first before grabbing one so you won’t end traumatized of the many scammers. As they say about the internet, “It’s a jungle out there.”

Perhaps you’ve seen a lot of information about adsense and affiliate marketing. You may have interchanged the two because somewhere, somehow the two show similarities. Actually, both are one of the most sought earning opportunities the internet offers. The pay is promising depending on how you execute your marketing style or on how active you are online.

But before you think of the earnings, it is vital that you understand how these two operate. Most of the adsense registrants are getting disapprovals because of their failure to understand Google’s terms and conditions about this. Some are victimized by fraudulent affiliate marketing companies because they just grabbed the opportunity without really understanding what affiliate marketing is.

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While both are good earning opportunities, here are some points you need to consider when comparing the two:

Difference between Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing

MODE OF OPERATION Operates based on total clicks of your website   visitors to the advertisement showcased on your website. Operates based on total sales gathered from   marketing your chosen affiliate.
PRODUCTS You cannot choose the product to sell or promote.   Google automatically detects what product is best shown on your site. It   depends on the type of activities you do in your website. You can choose what product or what marketing   company you want to be affiliated. To gain more success, you choose the one   you know you can be best in terms of marketing or promotion.
REGISTRATION There is only one-time registration in adsense.   Google will approve what advertisement will be given to your website. You can choose as many as affiliate companies as   you can. There is no limit as to the number of marketing you are doing.   Actually some are creating their own website for the purpose of affiliate   marketing. They register to different companies and promote them all in their   website.
APPROVAL PROCESS Google is quite strict when it comes to adsense   application. Upon application, it may take days before you’ll know that you   are approved. As long as you do not violate any adsense rules and laws, then   you will be approved. If not, Google informs you of your violation and how   you can address it so you can re-apply. Most of affiliate marketing programs have lenient   approval system. Since these companies are all after the sales output of   every affiliate marketer, there is higher percentage of approval. There are   no stricter rules such as adsense. If there are affiliate marketing companies   that are strict, these are only few.
ADVERTISING MODE When your adsense account is operational and   running, you are free to choose ad templates. Yet, it is still Google that   will decide on how it will be presented to your site. In affiliate marketing, you are to set-up your   links, banner ads, and other marketing tools. All resources will be provided   to you and it’s up to you on how you will execute it.
EARNING OPPORTUNITIES Adsense is confined to pay or cost per click   only. You get paid when your visitor clicks on an ad. The rate depends on the   bid rate of the ad sponsor. Affiliate marketing can pay you on cost per click   mode or on a per commission mode. Most of the time, it is on a per commission   mode. For every successful sale, you will reap the pay and other benefits.
MARKETING STYLE You need not market and promote your site   visitors to click on the ads. All you need to do is to gather more visitors   so the ads showcased in your site will be exposed to more audience. The wider   reach, the better opportunity for clicks. You can choose any marketing style you are   comfortable with. You can create a site just to promote your affiliate, you   can promote via social media campaign, you can do online games, and many   more. Anything is permissible as long as your marketing style won’t do harm   to your affiliate company and won’t create bad impression about you.
PAYMENT MODE Adsense pays via cheque, Electronics funds transfer, western union.

Note: PayPal is not accepted and not a mode of payment.

Affiliate marketing can pay you via cheque, via   paypal, moneybookers, bank, wire transfer, and many more options. Affiliate   marketing companies made it a point to have wider option so more people from   different countries can be an affiliate and won’t worry on how they will be paid.
PAYMENT ASSURANCE Adsense has a built-in integrity when it comes to   payments. The earning may not be as promising compared to affiliate marketing   but the assurance of getting paid is never in question. Sad to say, there are lots of affiliate marketing   companies that are fraudulent. That is why, you should be careful in choosing   an affiliate marketing company. Trust only the legit ones.


Whether you choose Adsense or Affiliate Marketing, you must always keep in mind your responsibilities. This is not all about money making. If you really want to succeed, you must act responsibly. Never forget the internet etiquettes since these calls for frequent interactions with other internet users.

You must also know how to protect your identity and won’t fall as victim of spam and fraud. You need to consider these entire prior to joining any money making scheme in the internet.

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